"The warm tones and gold hues emanating from Marshall Anderson‘s second full-length release, Beautiful Infinite Wonderful, are a reflection of everything the Austin-based songwriter embraces across the folk spectrum, from pop elements to jazz-influenced sounds. And his sun-soaked poetic folk owes a lot to the inspiration of iconic artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell as well as the phenomenal talent of Adrianne Lenker, songwriter and vocalist of Big Thief. It’s as if Anderson’s contemporary style is connected to memories from another age, a quite natural flow of well-crafted Americana with a powerful nostalgic draw." Laurie Gallardo (KUTX 98.9)
"Marshall moves through the world in a stream of poetry, words flowing from his pen and exhaling from his guitar as naturally as the sun shines on cotton fields." Christian Wallace (Texas Monthly)
photos by Eric Morales (www.ericmorales.com)